Fresh Meat

Starting a new blog – I’m expecting to find this like trying on a new pair of shoes, painful, then uncomfortable and then like wearing an old pair of shoes – so basically something that’ll come easily.

For now we can expect the painful. I’m new to blogging; dabbled in it once or twice and these dabblings have always resulted in it stopping. It might happen this time, but I’m desperate for experience in writing, reporting and PR’ing and this seemed the most fashionable and accessible way to do it. So I thought I’d write about something I enjoy and understand… which means most thigns. Probably best hear to say that I’m writing of my own back, and do not represent any team that I am ordinarily affiliated – now let’s hope I’m covered if I say something controversial!

So follow if it sounds interesting, or perhaps nobody will ever read this but let’s hope that’s not the case.

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