Injury and Roller Derby

So let me begin by saying that I am not as injured as some injured derby skaters out there. Mine is pale in seriousness compared to some other unfortunate folks of the derby community but I thought as it’s what I’m enjoying presently then I should maybe share my understanding.
Injury is not only the time of annoying or excruciating pain, sometimes at the same time, but is also a mind-fucking boring time of any skaters career.
I’m not completely off skates but stuck to just donning wheels but not really skating. Other than going fast plowing or derby stopping I am limited to what I can do. So I have adopted the temporary role of coaching and occasionally refereeing to keep myself involved. Today I coached a session, on skates, but not really on skates. It was hard. I enjoy coaching. I enjoy watching people progress and further I coached on my biggest love strategy but nothing is quite the same as doing it yourself.
If I hadn’t put skates on even to coach it would have been harder. I have been out of action for my third weekend (we train most at weekends) and in that time I’ve spent two weeks mopping, a mental weekend of crying and being angry and then this weekend filled with joy of coaching and sadness at my own inability. I’m doing my own head in.
So basically what I’ve come to the conclusion if is, injury stops you playing and makes you mental. Unless of course you’re sane and I’m the only person who has gone through this and in which case well I’m mental…

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