I love a good jumper and with winter hitting the UK in all its damp and cold glory, jumpers are very fitting…

Before I show my favourites let me say that a well invested in jumper can not be underestimated and can in fact be part of any outfit, as well as dressed up and dressed down!

Let’s talk about this… I spend my days (well two days of my week) at university, studying for my third year. These two days are on average longer than the average working day and at present I leave the house in a rain darkness and return in a rainy darkness. I am also required by age and pride to look cool. so my common outfit of choice – let’s call default outfit- is super skinnies, a vest (usually fitted), white Converse and a jumper. There’s also probably a wooly hat involved in this default outfit about 75% of the time. This is my everyday casual – but there is always an option to sub skinny jeans for high waisted shorts with tights or leggings and a practical shoe of choice (probably the highly different from typical white Converse to white Docs). Sub practical with its antonym and you have the evening version of the outfit.

My featured jumper!



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