I want hair like this!

Those who know me know I am fickle. Well not always but I am with my hair. I have previously tried to grow my hair twice. Before that I had a shaved head, let it grow to an orange and red spikey monstrosity before shaving it again. I then grew it in to a weird blond highlighted bob and then lost all interest in it allowing it to grow to the longest it has ever been (where the ol’ boobs rest).  I then decided to cut it off into a brown bob as I was doing nothing but wearing it up.

Since then I have decided that I actually care what I look like, will try to in keep with trends and maybe even try and start my own one (bazinga).

This has resulted in me generally hating my hair. I can never make my mind up what I like, how I want it or even whether I can be bothered with it.

Until I saw this!

This is the hair I want. The hair to end all my previous and various hair envy… No more (well except from when a friend went dark from being bright and looked amazing) will I drool over others hair. Only this hair!

So I post because I am going to moan about my hair and its length extensively in the interim. Furthermore I’m not even sure if my hair could grow that long so I am asking for y’all to pray to the hair gods for me to have fabulous hair.

3 thoughts on “I want hair like this!

  1. Not only will I pray to the hair gods for your locks, but I’ll offer a suggestion: daily vitamins in the form of biotin and iron. Taking these two will accelerate hair growth, as well as hair thickness. Good luck!

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