Christmas Fancies

Christmas fancies!

So I’m poor. No please don’t feel sorry for me. I’ve been poorer and also owned less clothes at said time; however that doesn’t stop me dreaming of looking glamourous this Christmas. I’ve scoured the Internet… well really a few places (only ASOS) looking for outfits I think would look really good this Christmas (considering I’ve never got the dressing up for Christmas thing).

This outfit is for the dressier times around Christmas. The skirt if gorgeous and really on trend… It looks glamourous and can really easily be dressed up and down. This outfit works dressed up teamed with chunky black boots and gothic colours on the upper body and face. However the boots could be easily exchanged for some pumps for work and the sparkly jacket changed for an over sized black boy friend blazer, or purely just a shirt done up to the top (I’d try for one without a collar like below).


This one is more casual and should be super warm. It allows for the hidden vest to be tucked in underneath and the boots again can be interchanged with various items; docs, brogues, ankle boots or my favourite white converse hi-tops. The shirt can be tucked in or left out; it’s optional but buttoned up the top is a must. Oh and don’t forget the hat!

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