The rise of the Doc Martens!

Remember in the summer when everybody in Britain believed it was a good idea to wear Doc Marten’s in what is considered the British Summer Time? Well I strayed. Not owning a pair until July and also have the common sense of recognizing sun does not dictate boots as necessity I didn’t wear my matte white Docs as others did.

Instead the only time my Docs saw the light of day in summer was when I ventured in them to work and even then they were hidden under a desk. The motivation for this… they needed to be worn in; however even sitting under a desk in them became a painful and sweaty process.

However my Docs are to have their day. Those in Britain will know the rain has hit and floods appear to be sprouting from everywhere! I had a brief moment of madness venturing out of the house in my white converse before realising that actually I own boots.

Today I wore my matte white Docs for the first time since that sweaty shift of work…

It hurt.

But looked good and practical.

Those who spent the summer foolishly wearing their Docs in summer, I commend you. At least now your Docs are bedded in for the winter months. Please if you see me hobbling don’t judge!

What shoes will you be wearing this winter?

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