My Christmas Fashion

So… I never really understood the need for folks to get all dressed up for Christmas day. Christmas day for me is time generally spent with family, travelling between numerous members and houses, and a clear excuse to where pyjamas for as long as possible or at very least the comfiest clothing. This year was really no different, despite hosting for the first time at my house, and then traveling to the in-laws for the evening. Not wanting to have to change dependent on surroundings I opted for maroon skinnies and a christmas jumper, worn over a black vest. I’d post a picture up but it isn’t entirely awe inspiring.

For me Christmas fashion comes in the run up, i.e The Christmas Parties…

I’ve owned the shirt for ages, a topshop discount because a button was missing from the back and there were no replacement ones attached. I fixed it. I teamed it with a black crop top from American Apparel and some high waisted disco pants. Finally, and my favourite, I added my black wedges designed by Henry Holland for Debenhams. Bought some months ago and worn for the first time. They were glorious and didn’t rub.

And of course Christmas fashion comes in the sales afterwards. Hello Christmas money!

New Cardi

Purchased in the sale from Warehouse. I was looking for a black knitwear but I have a feeling Navy is just as timeless.

black skinnies

A must in every girls wardrobe. I need some so I bought some. Thanks Topshop.



Some conservative creepers. I don’t really like creepers that much but I loved the thought of these, the colour and the lack of height. Plus for £25 from Stylist Pick it’s not an expensive waste if I buy them wear them once and forget about them.



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