A Difficult Task

I grew up as one of the boys. Despite always having a female best friend, probably one as equally tom boyish as myself (and a brief ‘let’sforgetaboutit’ blip during sixth form when I was my interpretation of a plastic from mean girls, I have always generally preferred the company of males (as purely platonic).

So as part of my life consuming sport, roller derby, I have had the fantastic opportunity of being the bench coach of Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder. And tonight is we will be celebrating the year, and Christmas, with a night out!

Here’s my predicament: I often look like this in front of the boys…

Day wear!

Day wear!

Or like this…

Roller Derby

Roller Derby

In conclusion very rarely feminine.

On nights out I like to dress up (see here) but rarely favour dresses (it’s my legs you see). But for some reason tonight, with the dress code as dress to impress and the haunting idea that ‘I’m one of the boys’ I feel like I should be wearing a dress, and heels. I should look more feminine.

But then surely it should be practical?

Dresses are not practical!

Even with tights I risk flashing.

It really is a difficult task.

I’ll post what a chose tomorrow.


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