New Year! New Goals?

happynewyearI don’t often follow things such as new years resolutions as I believe the entire principle to be something that is easily breakable and detachable from every day life. Instead I often like think about new goals and rather than these coming at a point when a new year begins, (hello 2013) I introduce them whenever I want to be proactive with an aspect of my life, or want to grow in a certain way.

For about a year and a half I have set myself roller derby goals. This sport consumes a lot of my life and contrary to common thought I don’t think I’m awesome at it and so continually look at others, at the game and at my skating to see how I can improve, what I think would benefit my own skating. Generally these goals are me specific and I hope that in achieving these I will help my team grown.

Here’s a few of them.


Better bout day mentality

Hockey in the other direction

Apex Jumps

Instead of thinking about these for the duration of the year I think of new ones when I feel I’ve completed them, or have that at a level in which I can add something else to my goals, or even, for example with fitness, when it becomes second nature to my daily routine so I don’t have to wake up every morning and tell myself to go for a run.

But that’s roller derby…

In everyday life I’m going to try a similar method and I’d be interested to see if other folks are too.

In general my main goal for the foreseeable future is to get to grips with my diet. I have skin ridiculously prone to spots when I eat badly. Christmas treats have reemphasized this problem. I need to fix this. With this my roller derby goal of fitness runs alongside it. I want to be fitter than I currently am and hopefully a little bit more toned than I am (please not toned, not weight loss).

Aside from that I have one other goal and that’s to become more artistic and cultured (lack of a better word). Having recently moved out and not having a lot of money of Christmas I had been looking for other avenues to make presents. Ironically after Christmas I found ways. But it has inspired me to decorate and create things for my bedroom and potentially the house (if my housemates allow) that have a personal touch, effort and hopefully will last. Alongside this my degree runs. I study literature and there are a lot of books I should have read and have already read that I would like to own and know about. I will also be taking part in the 365 project (hopefully for the full year). I will post collages of each month on here but to see each photo individually they’ll be posted on my tumblr.

Here are my goals and whether you are making a new years resolution of doing something similar to my goals I would be really interested to know what folks will be focusing on for the next month and the next year.


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