2012 In Photos and Bullet Points

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  • I got mentioned in the first edition of Lead Jammer Magazine as 1 to watch! *Geek*
  • I played my first (mixed) game as a jammer, did well and then became a jammer for my league.
  • I moved house!
  • I became a coach of Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder and Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls
  • I played in a Sur5al tournament, at Tattoo Freeze, my first co-ed game and Team Yoof!
  • Had enough money to buy clothese!
  • Went from a brunette to a ginger!
  • Cut my hair from below my shoulders to a bob. OUCH!
  • Went to Leeds Fest!
  • Had an undefeated season with Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder!

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