2013 Roller Derby

2013 Roller Derby…

So if you didn’t know there are new rules! Nice black and white rules… Major or no impact and frankly I love it. I think it’s a really positive step within roller derby and though having only played by the rule set a handful of times in practice I think this may, sometime in the future, benefit my skating. I was previously a skater that accrued a number of (for the majority aware of) minors. Many of these now resulting in no impact, no penalty.

However with a main training venue that’s been closed for well before and quite a bit after the Christmas period and a few coincidental cancellations and obstacles in the way of practicing I am very far off the new rule set being anything that I am good at.

Yesterday I played Sur5al at Tattoo Freeze under the new rule set and though my team was cheery, played really well together and enjoyed every moment I couldn’t help but notice I felt like I hadn’t been doing drills and training as much as I usually would, in all honesty I felt the weak link. But aside from wallowing in self pity the opportunity of Tattoo Freeze and the Sur5al style tournament allowed for what I like to believe is a taster of each team and thus inspired my 2013 roller derby post.

Foremost I’m interested to see how my league the Lincolnshire Bombers fare in 2013. We as a league are in the best position we’ve been in for some time with an excess of skaters all who want to progress and be the best. This is going to make any roster choosing or those who have too very very hard. Secondly Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder. I’m also inspired when I’m with these lads. But externally I’m excited to see how the plays for the top teams in the UK play out. Yesterday I jammed against (again and much to my fear) against the lovely ladies in orange Tiger Bay Brawlers and despite receiving a cutting track major (which was later rescinded) I don’t think the outcome would have been much different in the jam. Those ladies are on fire! Yes they have some stand out skaters but they have clearly worked extremely hard to perfect working as a unit and everybody’s skills and I definitely think they’ll be ones to watch!

As always Rainy City didn’t disappoint winning the overall tournament and I will be looking forward to watching these ladies bout again this year. I’m interested to watch them play.

So really what I’m saying is I’m going to enjoy 2013 roller derby, after I’ve had chance to play the rules…


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