Ack! What’s happening to me…

2013 has been rubbish so far… No skating, played badly at a very public event and now I feel lost with my sense of style.

Seriously for the past couple of weeks I have only worn my hair up, black skinnies, non-descript shoes and a jumper. This previously may have been all my daily outfits consisted of anyways but when you go from pictures like my featured image from my post 2012 in bullet points to the simplest basic outfit day in day it gets you down.

Furthermore, being a student, I was looking forward to indulging to splashing out some money in January on frivolous fashion purchases that left me poor as my employment nature dictates in a months time, but alas sensible me has taken over and knowing that I have two international dates to plan for (Toulouse and Copenhagen) and a masters qualification to fund I have decided to be frugal. Not that that has saved me much money I still feel poor!

And let’s face it, what good is going to these lovely places if I’ll be too ashamed from my tattered jumpers, (or too hot, well one can dream!) to brave outside?

Cue my biggest purchase so far this loan…



So here we go. About to follow are a succession of posts that are about one thing I guess. My personal view on my mission for self-improvement.


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