So I went there…

Okay so I should have posted this soon as I’ve been like this since before Christmas, but as it was a Christmas present and I was still getting accustomed to the lightest I have ever been I want to get used to it first and then brag about it. (Well not really brag).

So some time ago, one of my first posts, I wrote about ‘hairspiration!’. Remember?

Well I dreamt and envied this girl’s hair.

Ultimate Hairspiration!

Ultimate Hairspiration!

Look at it in its long, red and ginger perfection.

Well in the same blog I discussed the potential of going ginger or ombre’ing my hair. While trying to grow out a bob, ombre’ing or dip dying was completely out the question. It would; one, make my hair look shorter and two, look potentially incredibly stupid without the luscious locks like the girl above (I am still very envious). So I went ginger instead!

I threatened it… well threatened my hair anyways. I toyed with the idea of bleaching the crap out of my hair and the damage it may cause and how it might not grow again, I mean out of the bob.  And I weighed that up against having no enthusiasm to discard my black roots on my red hair, my reluctance to remove the ginger ends the contrasted with my bright red middle bits and the fact that if I went back dark my hair might grow healthily. The winner was the dying process. I really have never been one to maintain my dark natural colour. In fact I’d say it makes me look washed out.


So after a three hour (foodless) session at a local hairdressers, paid for by my lovely Nanny-Moo, I emerged with ginger hair!


It was a slightly painful process. And I had root glow for a small amount of time. But perhaps the biggest change that ginger hair has brought, though to the unknowing eye the change may not be obvious or great and the colour difference not monumental, was the need to bleach my eye brows (which took two lots of twenty minutes to lift the black).

So after a couple of months and one reapplication of colour I am a ginger. It has become normality and my style is changing to incorporate being a light haired lady instead of a brunette or dyed red head.


Ginger Hair


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