About Me

“My real name is Toni. Florence the Machine #17. I play roller derby. I’m in my third year studying English. I like to read! I like to write! I like to promote! “

I’m a 21 year old student living in Lincoln. I’m currently in my last year at university reading an English degree and I hope to continue my study by doing an MA in 21st Century Literature. Reading has long been my pastime and studying it only seemed natural. Since beginning my degree I’ve found that my passion within the literature field is the literature of my age. I enjoy reading narratives that are breaking boundaries, narrative structures and have a utopian/dystopian feel. I enjoy theories on time, language and identity and I am currently writing my dissertation on time and identity within Modernist literatures, including T.S Eliot’s poetry, Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and Samuel Beckett’s Endgame.

For the past four years I have taken part in many forms of student media. During my year out in Birmingham I was part of the committee behind a student radio station. I have also had the opportunity to write for various magazines within my sport, one of which was published via print and another via a wordpress zine. Most recently I have been part of a fortnightly show on my local community station and achieving deputy editor of Bullet Online.

In my spare time I play roller derby competitively (kind of). I am an active part in my league’s all star team and also within their league running. This is where the name ‘Florence’ comes from. I am also part of the local boy’s league, where I help their coaching team and have recently returned from a international bout, where we secured our spot as number three in European men’s roller derby.

If you wish to get in contact with me please do not hesitate to email me at contact@toniskidmore.org


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