About Me

“My real name is Toni. Florence the Machine #17. I play roller derby. I’m in my third year studying English. I like to read! I like to write! I like to promote! ”

I’m a 21 year old student living in Lincoln. I’m currently in my last year at university reading an English degree and I hope to continue my study by doing an MA in English. Since being able to write a paragraph and having an understanding of news and trends I have wanted to be a journalist. I also dream of living in a big city again, after taking a year out to live and work in Birmingham.

For the past three years I have taken part in many forms of student media, most recently achieving the deputy editor position for Bullet Online. I have also had the opportunity to write for various roller derby magazines of which one was published online via a wordpress zine and one in print.

In my spare time I play roller derby relatively competitively. I enjoy throwing myself into this new and ‘alternative’ sport and play an active part in my league’s all star team and also with their league running. This is where the name ‘Florence’ comes from. An example of this is the creation of our league’s , which I created.

For more information or to get in contact follow and tweet me at iamflorence17 or follow me on tumblr at http://iamflorence17.tumblr.com


Alternatively check out two other websites I run for roller derby:




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